1. Name

The Association is called ‘The RAF Chaplains’ Association’.

2. Objects

The objects for which the Association is formed are:

2.1 to provide a means of communication between the RAF Chaplains’ Branch and serving Chaplains and retired Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants

2.2 to provide a means of fellowship and support between all members

2.3 to organise an Annual General Meeting of members

2.4 to carry out any other activity deemed desirable by the Annual General Meeting or by the

appointed Officers of the Association

2.5 to encourage members to remember each other, along with the serving Chaplains and

Chaplain Assistants, in their prayers

3. Membership

Membership of the Association shall be open to:

3.1 all serving and retired RAF Chaplains or RAF Chaplain Assistants of any denomination (who

shall be ordinary members)

3.2 widows or widowers of serving and retired RAF Chaplains or Chaplain Assistants (who shall be  honorary associate members)

3.2 all applications for membership shall be in writing and addressed to the Secretary

4. Officers

The Officers of the Association shall consist of the Chairman and the Secretary and the Treasurer who shall  form  the  Committee of the Association

4.1 The Officers of the Association shall be elected and are not to serve more than three years consecutively. Retirements shall be staggered over the 3-year periods of office.

4.2 The Secretary to the Association shall compile a data base of all members and ensure all members have a copy of the constitution and are invited to the Annual General Meeting

4.3 The Treasurer shall keep accounts on behalf of the Association and present the accounts to

the Annual General Meeting

4.4 The Officers of the Association shall be responsible for running the Association and may make and change any rules it feels are needed to ensure that the Association runs smoothly


5. Subscriptions

5.1 All  ordinary  members  shall pay an  annual  subscription  the rate of which shall be set  at

the  Annual General Meeting

5.2 There shall be no subscription payable by honorary associate members

6. Bank Account

6.1 A Bank Account or Building Society Account must be opened in the name of The RAF Chaplains’ Association

6.2 The Treasurer of the Association must be  authorised  by a resolution of the Officers of the Association to make withdrawals and sign cheques, and a mandate must be given to the bank or building society accordingly

7. Annual General Meetings

7.1 The Annual General Meeting  shall  be  held  no later than December in each calendar year

7.2 The Annual General Meeting shall be convened by notice in writing given by the Secretary and posted to each  member at his or her address as noted in the data base of members at least twenty one  days before the  date of  the Annual General Meeting.


8. General Meetings

8.1 The Secretary must on written request of at least five full members convene a General Meeting within twenty eight days to consider matters raised in the Request

8.2 A General Meeting must be convened in the same manner as an Annual General Meeting

9. Conduct of Annual General Meetings and General Meetings

9.1 The Chairman must chair the meeting and in the event of any vote the manner of the vote and its declaration are his sole responsibilities

9.2 The Chairman and the Treasurer must present brief reports

9.3 Any member may raise any matter subject at all times to the discretion of the Chairman

10. Retirement of Officers

10.1 Retiring members are eligible for re-election but not for more than three years consecutively

11. Nominations for Committee

11.1 Nominations for the Committee must be in writing and reach the Secretary not less than seven days before an Annual General Meeting

11.2 Each nomination must be made by two full members and the member nominated must have agreed to stand

11.3 The Secretary must post a list of the names of retiring members of the Committee who wish to offer themselves for re-election and of the names of all persons nominated for election

11.4 Voting on the names shall be  by show of hands unless the Chairman shall otherwise


11.5 The places to be filled shall be filled by those with the most votes

11.6 In the event of a tie the decision shall be made by lot

11.7 If there are no nominations then the retiring members who have offered themselves for re-election shall be declared elected

11.8 The Committee may fill any vacancies but a member who joins the Committee in this way must retire at the next Annual General Meeting although he or she is eligible for re-election

12. Disposal of funds on dissolution

If  the Association is dissolved or discontinued the balance in the bank after payment of all expenses must be given to a charity or charities nominated by the last Committee


13. Alteration of Constitution

No alteration of or addition to this  Constitution shall be made except by a resolution carried by a majority of at least two-thirds of the members who are present at an Annual General Meeting the notice of which contained particulars of the proposed alteration or addition